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New equipment
A range of innovations - solutions for our clients:
M+F Keg Technik GmbH
Beer, beverage, oil, chemical industry
KEG internal cleaning and filling machine sand complete lines
KEG external washing machines, check weighers, labelers, cappers, conveyors
Robot de-/palletizers, multi tasking robots
CO2 micro leakage detectors
Transponder -KEG tracking-system
One way -KeyKEG- filling machines
Smart draft and other systems cleaning and filling machines

Products: equipment for complete can, plastic and glass bottles lines (blowing, filling, washing, capping, labeling, packing, palletizing, Combi machines)
Innovative PET, PE bottles (stack & pack; freeshape; smartweight; deepgrip; ecoloop), molds, lightweighting)
Dry preform decontamination
Aseptic packaging
Packaging line design, engineering

Apparatebau Nordhausen GmbH
Pressure beer, beverage tanks (CKT, BBT,CIP)
Flash pasterisers
Beer, kvas brewing equipment, from 10hl - 650 hl/brew, up to 12-14 brews/day
Complete breweries
Brew house automation, control (“Brew guide”)

OYSTAR Group (A+F, Benhil, Gasti, Hassia, Hamba, Erca, Erca Form seal, IWK)
Cosmetic, dairy, food, pharmaceutical industry
Bottle, jar filling
Cup filling (mini, portion, yogurt, etc.)
Stick pack
Tube filling
Vertical form-fill-seal (bagger)
Wrapping (butter packing)
Aseptic packing
Secondary packaging (cartooning, tray/case erecting, tray/case packing,multipacking, pick&place robotics, palletizing)
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